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Dear all
I'm pleased to inform of progress on this issue, which has been a subject we
have received increasing numbers of questions about.
After further discussion with Bill Key for the CRA, we have agreed that the
following system will be put in place with immediate effect, and its
operation will be for a trial period between now and the start of Michaelmas
Full Term:
On Sundays, student clubs will be able to use the river after 1200,
obviously subject to any closures required for notified events. There is no
change to the current unrestricted use on Saturdays in the holidays.
For this period, the relevant CUCBC rule prohibiting College rowing on
Sundays will be put in abeyance. Individuals and crews who do use the newly
available period should as always behave with consideration to other users.
In particular, be aware that although the river is generally very quiet in
this period, there are times when a number of inexperienced junior scullers
may be on the water.
At the start of next Full Term, subject to the normal approval at a captains
meeting, we expect to revert to the normal winter termtime access
arrangements, ie after 1200 on Saturday and Sunday.

Dan Wilkins (Jesus College)
CUCBC Web Team 2007-8
dan at cucbc.org :: 07817 657717

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