[CUCBC Captains] EMMs

Limeng Zhu limeng at cucbc.org
Tue Oct 12 15:22:11 BST 2021

Hello Captains,

The Early Morning Marshalling rota has been updated:
These will start from next monday 18th Oct, with CUCBC having a presence
around the river this week.

We really don't have a yardstick as to how many to allocate to each club,
so this is a recapitulation based upon previous Lents and Mays entries. If
it is the case that your club has no boats out this term, then it's not
fair for your club to do EMM duty. If this is the case let me know and I'll
shuffle the rota around.

Please do feel free to arrange swaps etc., all we need is two people per
morning. Once you have identified a swap do send an email to
committee at cucbc.org to notify us and cc the other club in as it saves us
from fining the wrong club.

All best,

Limeng Zhu
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