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Limeng Zhu limeng at cucbc.org
Mon Jun 7 23:30:19 BST 2021

**Captains - please forward this message to your competing athletes in the

Dear all,
Many thanks to all crews, bank parties and Marshals for a good, and
efficient, afternoon's racing today, and for being patient with us at

We can confirm the following results.
Men's IV+ QF: King's M1 scratch, Magdalene M1 proceed to SF
Men's IV+ QF: Fitzwilliam M1 beat Peterhouse M1 by 9 seconds
Men's 2- FF: Maggie beat Downing by 16 seconds
Women's 1x: FaT (Dixon) beat Jesus (Isaac) by 16 seconds

There are a few notes from today:
- Racing lines: Please keep to your side of the river, especially for
coxless boats your bank party may be helpful in keeping the best racing
- Starting stations: There seems to be a contradiction between the CUCBC
website (set up for the traditional SBR) and the recently circulated
marshalling instructions. The recently circulated marshalling instructions
should be taken as fact in this instance- such that the first crew listed
will take **meadowside** and the second crew will take the towpath side.
- Many thanks for the prompt arrival and high competency of the Marshals
provided, long may this continue!
-Last-minute scratches: email committee at cucbc.org .
*Start and finish positions: *The start line will be the downstream posts
of the spinning zone for all crews.  The finish line will be Peter's Posts:
(https://goo.gl/maps/Gbrtow8QfKCc5g1j9). This is true for all races except
the novice single sculls, which will be 500m ending at the Little Bridge on
the Long Reach:(https://goo.gl/maps/mx4KnfTrY9fncDPF9). Apologies for any
confusion today regarding this.
The Senior Umpires will however adjust the course length as necessary on

All best,

Limeng Zhu
CUCBC Honarary Secretary
On Behalf of Cambridge University Combined Boat Clubs
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