[CUCBC Captains] SBR 2021 - updated race timetable, notes for competitors

Matthew Temple matthew at cucbc.org
Sat Jun 5 23:33:37 BST 2021

**Captains - please forward this message to your competing athletes in the

Dear all,

Attached is a document with marshalling instructions for the SBR next week.
Please can all coxes, steers and bank parties read it carefully. There have
been a number of scratches in the W1x and NovM1x events and so the
timetable for these events has changed slightly. The M4+ races on Friday
have shifted later to accommodate an exam and so all other races on Friday
are now slightly earlier - please check your marshalling time carefully.
As usual, the race timetable on the website has also been updated and
should match the attached - please let me know ASAP if you spot any

Best wishes,

On Tue, 25 May 2021 at 23:12, Matthew Temple <matthew at cucbc.org> wrote:

> **Captains - please forward this message to your competing athletes in the
> SBR**
> Dear all,
> Attached is the marshals' rota for the SBR. Due to the number of entries,
> not every crew will have to provide a marshal, so I've assigned by club
> rather than by crew. I will stress again that we cannot run this event
> safely without marshals, and so if marshals don't appear then their
> club/crew risks disqualification.
> The timetable for SBR is now available on the CUCBC website, and also on
> the attached document. If you have any queries/comments/scratches/etc,
> please email committee at cucbc.org. If you notice any discrepancies between
> the attached document and the timetable on the website then please let me
> know.
> We haven't run a SBR or Uni 4s competition since Michealmas 2019 - I'm
> looking forward to seeing some racing again!
> Cheers,
> Matthew
> On Sat, 22 May 2021 at 22:38, Matthew Temple <matthew at cucbc.org> wrote:
>> **Captains - please forward this message to your competing athletes in
>> the SBR**
>> Dear all,
>> The draw for the 'Smaller Boats' Regatta is now available here
>> <http://www.cucbc.org/sbr>.
>> I appreciate that everyone is keen to know details as soon as possible to
>> help with planning, so below is an outline of the race timetable - I
>> believe this accounts for all of the exam constraints which I've been told
>> about. I'm still confirming Umpire availability, so these times might shift
>> by an hour or so, but hopefully it's enough for people to plan which days
>> they're racing.
>> As a reminder, all racing crews will be expected to provide a marshal to
>> help run the races. I'm hoping to get a finalised race timetable and
>> marshals rota out by Tuesday to give you time to find a marshal if needed.
>> I'll try to do things such that you can marshal on a day when you're not
>> racing, but if you're welcome to find someone else to fill your marshalling
>> slot if you'd prefer.
>> Monday 7th June, c.14:45-16:30
>> some QFs 1st div M4+ (TBC)
>> straight final FF M2-
>> straight final FF W2-
>> 2xQFs for W1x
>> Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th
>> No Races
>> Thursday 10th June, c.14:00-17:30
>> some QFs 1st div M4+ (TBC)
>> SF and F for W4+
>> all (8) races for NovM1x
>> all (4) races for NovW1x
>> Friday 11th June, c.14:45-17:00
>> 2xSFs and F for 1st div M4+
>> SF and F for 2nd div M4+
>> straight F for Magd. Silver M2-
>> straight F for W2x
>> SF and F M2x
>> 2xSFs and F for M1x
>> 2xSFs and F for W1x
>> straight F for Colquhouns M1x
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