[CUCBC Captains] Nominations for CUCBC Honorary Secretary and Committee

Limeng Zhu limeng at cucbc.org
Sun Aug 1 17:02:11 BST 2021

Dear Captains and Boatmen,

It was very good to see so many crews able to compete on the River Cam, and
our sympathies go to those who had to scratch due to COVID-19. As we said,
we hope that this is the first, and last, Eights regatta we have to
organise and thoughts are towards Lent Bumps.

Administration for the CUCBC events (Uni Fours, Small Boats Regatta, Bumps
(and June Eight's this year)) and for the day-to-day running of CUCBC are
done by the CUCBC Executive Committee, a group of volunteers. The Hon. Sec
has finished their year-long term and we are saying goodbye to Matthew
Temple, who has been a bedrock on the CUCBC committee and we thank for his
sizable contributions to rowing at collegiate and university level. As it
stands, we have a very small Exec committee going into the next academic
year, and this will cause issues.

If you, or anyone in your club is keen on contributing (and also
understanding why certain rules/regulations are in force) please do email
committee at cucbc.org . There is no reason why a captain, or member of a
college boatclub can't also take up a role in CUCBC (indeed I will be
Addenbrookes' Boat Club Secretary (#yeahaddies!) whilst continuing to
support collegiate rowing.

Please do also mention this to any members of your clubs who you think are
proactive and keen on rowing on the Cam, who would be willing to contribute
to ensuring we can all continue to row and race. If we do not replete the
committee, we risk not being able to run future Uni IVs and SBR this year,
among other races and administration which allow us to row on the Cam.

If there are any queries for those who wish to apply, please encourage them
to reach out to committee at cucbc.org (or to us individually, however
responses may be delayed).

Kind regards, and see you all at Lents!

Limeng Zhu

On behalf of
The CUCBC Executive Committee
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