[CUCBC Captains] Tuesday marshal swap

Selwyn Women's Captain selwyn.women at cucbc.org
Mon Mar 4 18:47:41 GMT 2019

Dear all,

Selwyn are finding it very difficult to source a marshal for our slot tomorrow between 14:30-15:50 as all of our crews are racing then, and everyone else who has rowed in bumps before is busy (there’s not many of them to begin with!). If anyone would be able to take that slot, in return for any of the following times, that would be hugely appreciated:

Wednesday any time
Thursday 15:40-17:00
Friday 15:30-17:00
Saturday 15:20-17:00 (at a push we might be able to find a marshal for the other times on Saturday as well)

Many thanks if you can help!

Stella Dixon
SCBC Women’s Captain

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