[CUCBC Captains] Interest in a novice cox meeting?

Isabel Nimmo izzy at cucbc.org
Wed Oct 31 18:04:31 GMT 2018

Dear Captains,

I've been approached by a few captains/coaches over the last few weeks
asking if CUCBC are willing/able to reintroduce our old coxing meeting for

As a brief overview, there used to be a CUCBC meeting for interested novice
coxes and LBCs on the basics of the coxing role, some tips on coxing an
outing and rules of the Cam, and some pointers on how LBCs can more
effectively coach novice coxes (since most LBCs are rowers). It lapsed
since the role was largely being covered by individual college coxing
captains and wasn't terribly popular.

However, this is something we're quite happy to run again if there's
interest. It would be run on a strictly voluntary basis in terms of
attendance, and does not in any way replace the Clare Novices or Fairbairn
briefings. But if you feel this would be of use/interest to any of your
novices/LBCs, would you be able to drop me a reply with a rough indication
of how many (if any!) of your members might be interested? (Or if there are
any other topics you feel it would be useful to have addressed).

Many thanks,

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