[CUCBC Captains] Lights, fog and darkness

Isabel Nimmo izzy at cucbc.org
Wed Oct 10 14:40:41 BST 2018

Dear Captains, Contacts and Coxes,

This is a gentle reminder that CUCBC crews on the water within 15 minutes
of Lighting Up or Down must have static white lights fitted to the bow and
stern of their boat. (And the lights have to be switched on, and they have
to have charged batteries...)

I appreciate it's early in term, and that many clubs may well have removed
their lights since last time they needed them in February, but it does make
a significant difference to visibility in the early morning and with the
number of crews on the water, it's actually a real help to coxes trying to
avoid unnecessary collisions. This is doubly true if (as with this morning)
there's a significant amount of fog on the water for the first part of

Please do take a few minutes over the next few days to check your equipment
is mounted so it can be seen, and that it still works.

Many thanks,

(Designated CUCBC Grump of the Day - thanks everyone else on the
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