[CUCBC Captains] Safety Reminders

Conor Burgess conor at cucbc.org
Mon Nov 19 10:04:26 GMT 2018

Dear all,

** Captains: Please circulate to all LBCs, coaches and coxes. **

Just a few reminders as we head into the last few weeks of term:

   - We've had several reports of cyclists riding with crews getting into
   scrapes with commuters; please remind all cyclists to keep an eye on where
   they are on the towpath (i.e. ideally stay to the left and move off the
   path entirely when stopping), and be aware that the person you're about to
   cut across and cause a crash with may be behind you! The towpath is a
   public right of way, and we have no more right to it than anyone else.
   - Please remind senior coxes to give novice crews plenty of space and to
   avoid taking chances to get through gaps. Just because some novice coxes
   may now appear quite competent, they don't necessarily remain so when
   presented with a senior crew barreling down on them.
   - Coaching from the bank before 07:30 anywhere upstream of the railway
   bridge (including the P&E) is still prohibited, and novice crews must still
   be accompanied by one bank party per crew. It's easy to let these things
   slip, so please pass them onto all of your coaches.
   - If any of your crews do get into trouble and get stuck up against a
   houseboat, please DO NOT push off the paintwork with oars. Either push off
   fenders, utilise rowers whose blades are clear, or use small sideways
   strokes to move away. Always apologise if you've bumped into a houseboat,
   even if no-one is visible.
   - EMM reports must be uploaded here
   <https://goo.gl/forms/NfDHVWY91o4STFVB2> or emailed to cucbc at cucbc.org
   by 5pm on the day of the report. Thanks to all clubs who've been on top of

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