[CUCBC Captains] Inclusive Boat Race

John Willis john.willis at power2inspire.org.uk
Fri Jan 19 11:42:54 GMT 2018

Dear All,

As the founder and CEO of a charity dedicated to making sport truly inclusive, I was very aware that rowing was a major omission from our portfolio.  We have so far in three years delivered festivals of inclusive golf, hockey, tennis, cycling and badminton.  As a former cox I feel rowing, especially indoor rowing, a truly inclusive sport, should be part of the mix; and as a Cambridge graduate, I would like there to be an inclusive alternative to the Boat Race: Oxbridge, especially now, needs to be seen as more inclusive.

This created the concept of an Inclusive Boat Race: a relay of 8 oars men and women (including disabled athletes) delivered via a social media platform – a live stream of each crew, shown on a split screen with virtual boats racing down a virtual Thames (see attached mock-up).

I have requested support from both Boat Clubs, but I am not requesting they help in any way in putting on the event nor are we asking for participation from any of their members.

We are trying to secure the participants from alumni and college rowers.  Oxford are raising it at their College Boat Clubs meeting.  We have interest from potential athletes from both universities, including alumni, women, men and disabled athletes.

I attach a note which can be forwarded that sets out the proposal in greater detail.  Please would you share it amongst all your members and invite them to get involved.

Thank you.



John Willis
Founder and CEO of Power2Inspire

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