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Daphne Martschenko daphnemartschenko at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 16:22:10 BST 2017

Dear Captains,

Thank you for your entries and payments for the University Fours. The draw and race timetable are now available here: http://www.cucbc.org/uni_fours <http://www.cucbc.org/uni_fours>

All competing clubs are required to provide marshals, the rota for which is attached. Failure to provide your allocated marshals will result in your club not being allowed to compete, as marshals are essential to the safe running of the event. Marshals should be senior rowers or coxes, and will need a bike. They should meet at the Railway Bridge at the start of their slot.

Substitutes, providing they would have been eligible crew members before entries closed, will still be accepted until 17:00 on Monday 23rd Oct (by emailing committee at cucbc.org <mailto:committee at cucbc.org>). After that point, crews will be fixed, and substitutes will only be accepted in a case of accident, injury or illness.

Race times can be moved, but only within the windows where racing will be happening. In the interest of fairness, one semi-final can not be moved from Friday unless the other one is too. You must get agreement from both clubs (or all clubs in the case of semi-finals), and email committee at cucbc.org <mailto:committee at cucbc.org> with the new time, CCing in a representative of each crew. If it helps, swapping within a division is fine (if, say, you need to get back quickly, you could swap to be the first race in a division), but please check with your competitors and the crews in the race you want to swap with, and then email us.

Any queries on the above, please reply to this email.

Best wishes,


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