[CUCBC Captains] Any Boats Need a Good Cox?

E. Smith es617 at cam.ac.uk
Mon May 15 21:27:23 BST 2017

Dear Captains,

Just a quick reminder that the final deadline for entering and paying for
May Bumps (and for paying your CUCBC bill) is *tomorrow at 23:45* (Friday
12th May). You can enter on the CUCBC website and entries cost £40 per crew.

When paying your bumps entries (bank details can be found at the bottom of
your termly bill), please send an email to seniortreasurer at cucbc.org to
confirm your payment amount and the reference you used. Unclaimed payments
are treated as charitable donations to CUCBC.

Once you have entered all your crews on the CUCBC website, you must
complete the Bumps Programme Crew List Form. This is available here:
http://www.thebumps.co.uk/crewlists. The deadline for this is also *Friday
12th May at 23:45*. If you have any issues with submitting crew lists for
the Bumps Programme, you should email George Gilbert (george.gilbert@

Best wishes,


Kate Shipley
CUCBC Executive Committee
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