[CUCBC Captains] Final Call for a **Free** Training Boat

MBC Captain magdalene.captain at cucbc.org
Thu May 11 13:14:39 BST 2017

Dear all,

X-press boat club would like to invite you to race at the X-press head race which takes place on the evening of Tuesday 6th of June 2017(Div1 at 7pm, Div2 at 8.30pm). This is your chance to race the bumps course undisrupted, which for many crews will be a very useful experience since bumps can be quite unpredictable and the river quite crowded on a daily basis during the final week of training.

Please find all relevant information on the poster attached. You can enter online at www.xpressbc.org.uk <http://www.xpressbc.org.uk/> under the tab Xpress head. 

Stella Lempidaki on behalf of X-press boat club

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