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Dear Captains,

The following message went round the coxes list earlier today. This comes,
in part, from conversations with some of you about what CUCBC could do to
better support cox development. It's not the ideal solution, but I hope
will make some use of the goodwill and time of various former college coxes
who are still in Cambridge.

I'm not at all sure whether all coxes (especially recent ex-novices) will
be on the coxes mailing list, so please pass it on to anyone you think
could benefit from it.

If this proves useful, it's certainly something I'd like to see refined and
continued later in the year. While I've discussed this with a small number
of captains, if any of you have thoughts on improvements to this concept,
or even better ideas, please do get in touch!

All the best,



Dear coxes list,

CUCBC will be hosting a relatively informal event this Monday for any
college coxes looking to try and improve their coxing this term. We'll be
meeting at 7pm in the Divinity School Main Lecture Theatre.

Ideally, every cox would receive individual coaching, the same way most
rowers do, but from talking to various clubs over the last few months most
simply don't have enough experienced coxes with sufficient spare time to
make that a reality. (Kudos to the clubs which do - you lucky so and sos.)

In place of that (slightly impractical) ideal, some of the more experienced
former college coxes still in Cambridge have kindly agreed to speak briefly
about an aspect of coxing which they think will help improve coxing on the
Cam. After that, we'll aim to break into smaller groups for a much less
structured chat. The idea behind that chat is to provide a venue for less
experienced coxes to raise any issue they're looking for advice on or
having problems with. While that's never going to be as good as direct
one-to-one attention on the water, it will provide an opportunity to learn
from the experiences (and mistakes) of others.

The session is planned as pretty informal, so if people need to run at any
stage, feel free. Otherwise, we'll stay and chat as long as there are
people who want to. Again, from talking to various captains last term, this
is primarily aimed at less experienced coxes (in their first year or two or
coxing), but is open to anyone who wants to come along.

All the best,

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