[CUCBC Captains] Honorary Secretary

Dr David Munday chair at cucbc.org
Fri Oct 14 19:33:17 BST 2016

Dear Captains,

As minuted at the last Captains' meeting, no candidate had approached me or the former Hon. Sec. at the appropriate time or later, so the Committee has been operating without an Hon. Sec.  since the start of this academic year, which cannot continue. The relevent rule specifies that "Any member of the College Boat Clubs in statu pupillari" is eligible, and that the Hon. Sec. is to be "elected annually by single vote at the May Bumps Captains' meeting."

Happily, a good candidate has now come forward. This is Mr Charles Prior, a second-year undergraduate at St John's College reading maths., and a member of LMBC. 

Since all the deadlines for election are passed, I propose with your consent, tacit or otherwise, to co-opt him into the role and to regularise the election at the next Captains' meeting. There is no need to respond to this email unless you have serious objection, in which case contact me urgently please. The co-option will otherwise take effect at midnight on Thursday this week.

The committee will still need further volunteers, so can I continue to encourage people to come forward.

With my best wishes,
David Munday,
Chair CUCBC.

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