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djm at kings.cam.ac.uk djm at kings.cam.ac.uk
Wed Oct 12 16:41:52 BST 2016

Dear Captains,

You should have received your bill by email from me last night. If you
haven't, please let me know. Similarly, please double check that you
received your own bill, but I'm pretty sure they were all correct.

Minutes from yesterday's meeting are attached and on the website
<http://www.cucbc.org/minutes>. A reminder that your action item from the
meeting is to ask around relevant people about volunteering for Hon Sec, or
just to help out on the Committee (in case it wasn't obvious, having
someone on the inside can be beneficial to ensuring your club's opinion
gets put across clearly to the important people...). They wouldn't need to
take over properly until November, after Uni IVs, but an extra pair of
hands would be very helpful.

Also, as I've had a few queries, we don't currently have any extra early
morning restrictions (two boat rule, 15 minute rule etc.), so any senior
crew can boat at lighting down (with lights for first 15 mins of course),
and then novices at 7:30am. We'll use EMM to keep an eye on numbers and
introduce restrictions as necessary later in the term.

Hope training is going well,

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