[CUCBC Captains] Annual PL insurance declarations

Mark Jacobs mark at cucbc.org
Tue Oct 4 00:11:55 BST 2016

Dear All,

At the start of every year we check that all clubs have Public Liability 
insurance cover in place. (This is the cover that pays out if you injure 
someone or damage property not belonging to you, not the cover that pays 
out when you break your own boat). These may or may not be part of the 
same policy. Some clubs have their own individual policy while some are 
covered by their College's insurance. The policy must include 'Member to 
Member' cover (essentially cover in the case of an accident in which the 
injured party and person responsible for the accident are in the same 
club). All of the major providers include this as standard, but if you 
have changed your provider, please double check your policy details or 
get in touch with your broker.

At the moment, all that is required of you is to update details of your 
insurance provider and renewal date on the CUCBC website, which must be 
completed by the end of Week 1 of term (i.e. 23.59 on Wednesday 12 
October). If you're not certain about details, your Senior Treasurer 
should be the first port of call. In the usual fashion, any club failing 
to provide details by the deadline will be barred from boating until 
they have provided the required information.

Later this term there will be the annual safety declarations forms, more 
about these in due course...

Any questions, please let me know.


Mark Jacobs
CUCBC Safety Advisor

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