[CUCBC Captains] CULRC Development Camp

D.M. Janes coach at culrc.org
Thu May 12 16:01:05 BST 2016

Dear Captains,

On top of Dan's reminders about Mays Entries, which are also due tomorrow, please also remember that you must inform CUCBC of any exceptional status rowers by the same deadline.

To keep things simple, anyone who isn't a matriculated undergrad or postgrad student falls under the requirement for an exceptional status application.

When requesting permission, please email the Exec and Senior committees (both CCed), and provide either a link to a college webpage of Fellows / Research Associates, or if that's not possible or if it's even more exceptional, please obtain a letter from College authorities confirming the status and affiliation with the college of the people you're applying for. If you can't obtain the letter by the deadline, please email anyway and let us know that you've started obtaining it. Ideally one email per club would be nice, or at least one for the men's and women's clubs.

Best wishes,

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