[CUCBC Captains] Request for a female rower! (But from Fitz this time)

Fitzwilliam Women fitzwilliam.women at cucbc.org
Wed May 4 10:14:33 BST 2016

Hello captains,

Fitz W2 (our lowest boat) is frustratingly short of one rower! If any
college has a female rower who would like to row but cannot be fitted into
any of your boats then we would love to have her! We have a guaranteed
place in bumps, so whoever signs up will definitely get to row Mays!

Outings are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 6:20 meet ATB. There is also the
opportunity to join our W2 quad, if she is interested in learning to scull/
polishing up her sculling. If your college has ergs that are easy to
access, then erging can be done in her own time, otherwise they can be done
at Fitz boat house with very flexible timings.

We have to have the crew finalised by the 8th, so please let me know as
soon as possible if you have an interested rower!

Thanks so much,
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