[CUCBC Captains] University IVs Course

Michael Thornton michael at cucbc.org
Tue Oct 20 16:51:37 BST 2015

A provisional schedule can now be found here (http://www.cucbc.org/uni_fours <http://www.cucbc.org/uni_fours>).

The submitted availabilities weren’t great. The schedule reflects this. Some of the races are scheduled for times when one of the participants has indicated they are not free. In those instances, you’ll either need to make yourselves free or negotiate with your opponent a time that is mutually satisfactory. This is more of a problem later in the week, but I suggest we leave moving those races around until we know who’s actually racing.

The marshalling times and racing times might not quite match up. An explained at the Captain’s Meeting, I am very busy so I haven’t had chance to check everything thoroughly. I’d rather this was sent out to you sooner rather than later however. If you spot any glaring mistakes, please do let me know.

Michael Thornton
CUCBC Honorary Secretary 2015-2016
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