[CUCBC Captains] Entries for the 2015 Fairbairn Cup Races now open

B. Gallant, Fairbairn Cup Secretary 2015 jcbc-fairbairns at jesus.cam.ac.uk
Mon Nov 2 22:48:30 GMT 2015

Dear All,

We're getting to the point in term where lots of novice crews venture 
further than the P&E, adding to the morning traffic on the lower stretch 
of the river as well as making the row home something of an obstacle course.

So far this term I've seen plenty of low-level incidents resulting from 
crews either not looking/planning ahead or by making inappropriate 
choices (e.g. the go/no-go decision when lining up an overtake). Less 
happily, we have had a couple of incidents that have caused reasonably 
serious damage to boats (though as yet we have avoided injuries, to the 
best of my knowledge).

I would ask that as the river gets busier, and particularly as the 
mornings begin to shorten again, that all crews act with courtesy and 
consideration to other river users. If you see a novice crew skewed 
across the river and trying to sort themselves out, it's probably better 
to hang back and give them space to do so than to barge through with 
blades drawn in at the last minute. Yes, you might get through, but 
you'll make life harder for the novice cox (as well as delaying the 
three or four crews behind said novice boat!) Similarly, if you find a 
crew on the wrong side of the river (particularly at the crossovers), 
better to easy, even if it's your right of way, than to bullishly press 
on and risk damage and injury. Play nicely, and you might find that 
other crews try to make your life easier too.

Finally, CUCBC rules require that any boat on the water within 15 
minutes of lighting up / down carry a white light on each end. They must 
also use lights at any time during limited visibility (i.e. fog). I've 
long given up explaining the difference between red lights and white 
lights, as it seems too difficult a concept for certain individuals, but 
if you're going to use a red light please make sure it's on your stern 
rather than the bows! Please also make sure that you have decent 
batteries in your lights - if your stern is visible before your stern 
light, not only is the light useless but you are at risk of getting 
rear-ended in a queue. You may also be fined, unless you're so invisible 
that you slip past the early morning marshal completely unnoticed (not a 
recommended tactic).

Captains - the deadline for safety statements is fast approaching. So 
far I've had about half the number I expect. As ever, let me know if you 
have any questions.


Mark Jacobs
CUCBC Safety Advisor

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