[CUCBC Captains] Women's eight for bumps

Elisabeth Winkelmann elisabeth.winkelmann at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 17:28:36 BST 2015

Dear All,

Apologies if this reaches you through more than one channel.

The very dedicated St Radegund W2 are looking for an eight and some oars to
borrow for town bumps next week, and preferably some outings before. They
will be starting as sandwich boat between women's divs 3 and 2 on Tuesday.

Your boat would of course be insured with our club insurance and we would
look after it well - we have a very experienced cox in charge of the boat
and would do our utmost to return it in the same condition we received it

If you can help, please send a quote to
Elisabeth Winkelmann
St Radegund Boat Club Captain
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