[CUCBC Captains] Rowing with Sidney Sussex Boat Club over the holiday

Lois Overvoorde captain at ssbc.org.uk
Thu Jul 9 12:28:57 BST 2015

Please forward to your clubs:

Hi everyone!

Want to make the most of the beautiful weather and keep your fitness up
over the holidays with fun new group of people?

Sidney Sussex are looking for keen boaties to join us for holiday training.
We're looking for rowers and coxes of all genders who have a term or more
of experience.

We'll be having coached outings in fours or eights, usually at 7 in the
morning or 6:30 in the evening, and we can also include you in our full
training plan if you wish. We're considering entering a race near the end
of the holidays if there is demand. We'll send round an availability
spreadsheet to people who want to take part and you can join us for as many
or as few outings as you want.

Rowing and coxing with SSBC is free (although the captains do appreciate
occasional payment in alcohol and/or chocolate...).

Please get in touch (captain at ssbc.org.uk) if you'd like to join us, or if
you have any questions. Please let us know if you're bowside, strokeside or
a cox and how much experience you have.

Happy rowing,


P.S. Many apologies for treading on toes at Hughes Hall/Lucy Cav, we hope
you appreciate we need people too!
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