[CUCBC Captains] Captain's meeting + eligibility

Wilfried Genest wilfried at cucbc.org
Sun Feb 22 09:14:04 GMT 2015

Dear captains,

I was asked the following question today: "So bung starts are allowed from
outside the boathouses in the couple of days leading up to bumps. I was
just wondering whether the two boat rule still applied for solely doing
starts (the first 5-10 stroke just to get our bank party used to pushing

To which the answer is: "So long as there are only two boats out in the
first 30 minutes or so after lighting down then as far as I am concerned, I
do not think that there is a problem with having more boats out to do bung
starts. This two boats rule exist to reduce traffic not to turn training
into a logistical nightmare. (And the Bumps will be a lot safer if everyone
has the chance to rehearse bung starts!)"

Best regards,
         Wilf. Genest
         CUCBC Hon. Sec.
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