[CUCBC Captains] Recent fines

Wilfried Genest wilfried at cucbc.org
Mon Feb 16 23:48:12 GMT 2015

Dear captains,

Following recent reports of club training at Ely, CUCBC wishes to remind
all captains that the regulation of off-Cam training is beyond its remit
and ability. The CUCBC constitution refers to the river between Jesus Green
and Bottisham Locks. If the captains and CU presidents were to come to
agreement of a set of principles covering use of the river at Ely the
agreed rules could be included as an appendix to the Handbook.

There is no de facto ban on training at Ely, however permission must be
sought from and granted by the appropriate president (CUBC or CUWBC).
Moreover, boating facilities at Ely are limited and proper permission must
also be granted by the owner of any land a club wishes to boat from.

Following a recent meeting with the CUBC president, we understand that
permission to train at Ely will now only be granted for 'exceptional
circumstances' (e.g. seat racing, sparring with a university crew,
prolonged absence of any university crews, etc.) and not for regular

Best regards,
     Dr David Munday
     CUCBC Chair

     Wilf. Genest
     CUCBC Hon. Sec.
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