[CUCBC Captains] Joint training camp

Newnham Captain newnham.women at cucbc.org
Sun Aug 9 19:42:57 BST 2015

Hi everyone,

Would anyone be interested in going on a joint training camp next year
(January 2016) with the lovely ladies of Newnahm College Boat Club? Despite
our infinite love for the freezing Cam of the first week of January we
would like to go away on camp next year so were wondering if another
college would like to pair up? If you have spare space on your trailer for
our boats we could share the price of bringing the boats down or I am sure
that we could come to some kind of arrangement to share the same boats and
have one training session each in both the morning and the afternoon.
I know it is still a long way away and you might not have started thinking
about it yet, but our other option would be to just organise our own camp,
but starting from nothing we'd have to start looking quite early!
Let me know if you could be interrested (let's be honest, who wouldn't want
to go on camp with Newnham?!) and we can discuss it further :)

Have a great summer!
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