[CUCBC Captains] catz cardinals draw 2014!!!!

V. Kaur vk310 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Mar 12 10:21:18 GMT 2014

Dear all

We've had a number of complaints about early morning noise recently. With
lighting down getting very early now it is important that all crews are
considerate to other river users.

Please remember that the following rules apply in the mornings.

*All crews must keep noise to a minimum EVERYWHERE on the river in the
early mornings.*

This means that screaming race pieces past the residential boats and houses
along Plough Reach and the Gut is not acceptable.

Coaching from the bank upstream of the railway bridge is not permitted at
all before 7:30am. However this does not mean that once you are downstream
of this point that you can start shouting and screaming without a care for
residents along the river.

We will be levying penalties against any club identified as making
excessive noise.


Tom Grimble
CUCBC Honorary Secretary
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