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Thu Feb 13 14:47:40 GMT 2014

Please see forwarded message below from Rachel Quarrell

Tom Grimble
CUCBC Honorary Secretary

*In London on Sunday 6th April and want to help with Boat Race flags?*

 Dear CU college rowers and coxes,

This is a request on behalf of the Boat Race organisers and timekeepers.

Last year we instituted a new system at the Boat Race finish.  The
finishline flag, dropped by the usual official, was repeated by a shadow
flag-waver onto the Surrey bank, so that the timekeepers can see it from
the following launches even if they are a long way behind a losing crew
with a large margin.  The 2013 shadower was a college oarsman, as we
thought it would be a fun job for someone who hasn't been in a varsity
squad to do.

This was a great success, and became part of the event plan.  Every year
the main finish flag official is a former Boat Race full Blue from the same
university as the rest of the adjudicators, umpires and officials.  In odd
years they are all from Oxford; in even years they are all from Cambridge.
Therefore this year we are looking for a shadow flag-waver from the Fens,
somebody who is a *current CU student* and who has *rowed or coxed for
their college*.


- Are you already planning to be in London on Sunday April 6th 2014?

- Would you be willing to change your plans and spend the Isis-Goldie race
(at 5:30pm) and the Boat Race (at 6pm) helping by acting as the shadow
flag-waver near Chiswick Bridge?

- Can you guarantee to turn up when asked to (you may need to allow travel
time on Boat Race day)?

- Can you keep your head under pressure? (the flag-waver will need to
mirror the opposite flag, the official one, very precisely.)

- You would need to be free from some time earlier in the day (to be
briefed) until after the end of the main boat race, which will be approx
6:20-6:30pm.  Briefing and duty times will be organised by finish judge Ben

- No expenses paid, I'm afraid, but you will have a grandstand view of the
finish line for both races and the satisfaction of knowing you helped the
races go smoothly.

Names submitted before noon on Friday 14th February 2014 will be passed on
by me to the race organisers, who will have the final say.  I won't reply
directly, but the person invited will be contacted by the race officials.
 If you don't hear back from anyone it's probably because someone else got
there before you.  If the top person can't help after all, we will work
down the list.  We had a huge response from Oxford college rowers last
year, so don't bother emailing after the deadline.

To express your interest please email me back at rq at rowingservice.com,
stating your name, mobile phone number, which college you rowed or
coxed for and in which year(s).

Thanks very much,

Dr Rachel Quarrell
Telegraph rowing correspondent and official Boat Race timekeeper.
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