[CUCBC Captains] Lent Bumps 2014 - Getting-on Race Website Info Updated

Tom Grimble tom at cucbc.org
Tue Feb 11 09:29:12 GMT 2014

Dear All

So as you've probably seen we dusted off the red flag for the first time in
a while today. With the river many metres up the bank horizontally and the
stream to match getting a boat pushed out safely let alone racing is going
to be a challenge.

I thought I would email to get you up to speed on our thinking and
expectations for flag this weekend so I don't have to answer 30+ individual
emails on the subject and also to help you plan your club's training time
given how little time we have before bumps now.

We have further heavy rain forecast tonight and then tomorrow another of
these storms with it's 50mph wind gusts due to blow through over 2 days I
have a strong feeling we may not be seeing a rowable river this weekend. We
need a good few days without serious rain to let the river levels calm down
and I can't see this happening easily based on this forecast.

The committee will be checking conditions later this afternoon and around
10 am tomorrow to see how the river fares overnight.

Please remember that even if the flag is green or yellow and a crew is
OF EVERY BOAT. Your clubs have to take responsibility for these decisions
and truly consider if your crews are able to handle the conditions you are
presented with. As has been said before the flag is not so much about
individual competence, but how many boats can safely use the river at one

Don't you just love British weather =)

Tom Grimble
CUCBC Honorary Secretary
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