[CUCBC Captains] Novice coxes' talk - Friday 1st Nov. - 5pm

Mat Bryan coxing at cucbc.org
Mon Oct 28 09:54:26 GMT 2013

Dear captains

These are the scratches I have received so far. If you have a race against
these crews then it will not be running. The race ID is included next to
each crew.

M2 IV+ div

   - Christ's M2 - 2-R1-7
   - Clare M3 - 2-R1-1

M1 IV- div

   - Jesus - 3-QF-4

W1 4+ div

   - Caius W1 - 4-R1-1

If there are any further scratches please let me know, it is possible your
email may have been missed.

CUCBC Honorary Secretary
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