[CUCBC Captains] University IVs 2013 - Race Timetable Online

Tom Grimble tom at cucbc.org
Tue Oct 22 22:15:30 BST 2013

Dear Captains

Please email me any time constraints you would like considered when races
are being scheduled.

The races are due to run from 2pm to 4pm each day during the week although
if possible we will try and minimise the number of days we run on. Races
will start at 2pm so crews will need to be marshalled before this at

Please reply to this email with concise responses i.e.

Division: i.e. Men/Women 1st/2nd/coxless
Crew: e.g. <College> M/W 1/2/3 etc.
List of times NOT possible: e.g. Tuesday 3-4pm

This just makes it a lot easier to read when we get 30+ emails to go

We will try and accommodate as many constraints as is feasible but please
be aware that this may not be the case and not all requests will be

The crew change policy is that the crew that turns up for the first race is
considered the crew for the remainder of the week. No crew changes will be
permitted after the first race except in the case of accident/injury.
Please consider this when checking with your crews. We will not be able to
permit subs just because they have a supervision.

Deadline for time constraints is *Tuesday 5pm* i.e. end of tomorrow. The
schedule will then hopefully be out by Wednesday.

Tom Grimble
CUCBC Honorary Secretary
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