[CUCBC Captains] Deadline for Bumps scratches

Tom Grimble tom at cucbc.org
Wed May 29 11:58:12 BST 2013

**Captains, please forward this information on to all your crews competing
in the GoR**

The Getting-On Race for the May Bumps 2013 will take place on Friday 7th

*Marshalling Instructions*

All crews will race in a single division.

All men's cews should be marshalled in reverse order upstream of the
railway bridge i.e. bottom crew furthest downstream. All women's crews
should be marshalled in reverse order upstream of the men's crews (i.e.
Morley's Holt to P&E)

Crews must be marshalled in position at Chesterton by 15:40 and racing will
start from 16:00.

All crews will then be instructed to head down to the start and should
remain in order.

All men's crews will spin at the lock altogether and pull in on towpath
side in racing order. The women's crews will follow suit and pull in
downstream of the men's crews. If there is insufficient space the front
women's crews should remain tucked in on the opposite side downstream of
the start until there is space to pull in on towpath side

The men's crews will race first followed by the women's crews with a short
break in between.

*Men's Crews (Division 6)*

There are 10 crews competing for 5 places in division 6.

   1. Churchill III
   2. Hughes Hall III
   3. St Edmund's III
   4. Corpus Christi IV
   5. Girton IV
   6. St Catharine's IV
   7. Clare V
   8. Emmanuel V
   9. Clare VI
   10. Clare VII

*Women's Crews (Division 4&5)*

There are 13 crews competing for 9 places in divisions 4&5.

   1. Churchill II
   2. First and Third III
   3. Fitzwilliam III
   4. Girton III
   5. Homerton III
   6. King's III
   7. St Catharine's III
   8. Clare IV
   9. Emmanuel IV
   10. Jesus IV
   11. Murray Edwards IV
   12. Queens' IV
   13. Emmanuel V

Tom Grimble
CUCBC Honorary Secretary
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