[CUCBC Captains] Catz Cardinals 2013 - Entries Deadline

Simon Sowerby simon.sowerby.ss at gmail.com
Sat Mar 9 01:31:56 GMT 2013

Dear captains

After some incidents in Lent Bumps Hughes Hall have had to send all of our
boats back to the factory for repairs (the neat sum of 2 boats).

We have two crews training for HoRR and wondered if any club would have any
spare shells/boats (8+ that is) which we could borrow in the next week
while waiting for the our own boats to return.

We have insurance lined up for whatever boat we can borrow - we have done
this before and the procedure is easy and won't affect the lenders at all.
We are flexible about which day we borrow the boat(s).

Thank you very much for you help
Erling Amble
Men's Captain HHBC
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