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Holly Hedgeland holly at cucbc.org
Thu Mar 7 08:16:45 GMT 2013

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> From: "Philippa Noon" <river.manager at camconservators.org.uk>
> Date: 4 March 2013 20:32:08 GMT
> To: "'Philippa Noon'" <river.manager at camconservators.org.uk>
> Subject: Riverside scrub clearance, Logan's Way Local Nature Reserve, Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th March 2013
> To all river users,
> With apologies for the short notice, please be advised that Conservancy staff will be clearing riverside scrub along the banks of Logan’s Meadow Local Nature Reserve, opposite Riverside, tomorrow (Tuesday 5th March). Works may continue into the following day.
> Navigation will be partly obstructed by the workboat during these operations, approximate hours 10am to 4pm. Navigators are requested to keep a good lookout and to slow down when passing the working area.
> Thank you for your attention and cooperation.
> Regards,
> Pip Noon
> River Manager
> Conservators of the River Cam
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