[CUCBC Captains] Trailer for Henley Qualifiers

J. Tham jt434 at cam.ac.uk
Fri Jun 21 10:47:09 BST 2013

Dear all

I hope everyone enjoyed day 2 and the wonderful headwinds on the Reach!

Results from today have now been updated on the CUCBC

*Notes from the Umpires*

   - Coxes are reminded that they must keep control of their crews if they
   bump or get bumped. If you bump up HOLD IT UP HARD! If you get bumped you
   must KEEP ROWING! People are very likely to get hurt if the 2 boats do not
   separate after the bump.
   - The towpath will be getting busier tomorrow and Saturday so please
   remember that the bank party limit of 4 will be strictly enforced.
   - When rowing home, especially in the final division of the day please
   be aware that there may be traffic coming the other way and it is not
   advised to attempt overtaking manoeuvres on the narrow stretches back to
   the boathouses.


   - Caius M2 - Dropped bung, no advantage - £15
   - Caius M1 - Urination in front of spectators - £80
   - Caius W1 - Dropped bung, no advantage - £15
   - Christ's M4 - Stopped rowing after being bumped and slow to clear - £20
   - Christ's M4 - Abusive language to an umpire - £50
   - Corpus Christi M3 - Stopped rowing after being bumped - Warning
   - Downing M3 - Failure to concede - £20
   - Downing M2 - Stopped rowing after being bumped - Warning
   - First and Third M3 - Serious failure to clear - £75
   - First and Third W1 - Failure to hold it up - £25
   - Hughes Hall M3 - Dropped bung, no advantage - £15
   - Queens' W2 - Ignoring marshal's instructions (practice start) - £20
   - Selwyn W1 - Dropped bung, no advantage - £15
   - Emmanuel M4 - Murdering Jerusalem - Sing
   - Hughes Hall W1 - Failure to get onto station - Coxing kit to include a
   grappling hook
   - Jesus M5 - Drinking while in charge of a water craft - A bottle of
   port for the umpires

Tom Grimble
CUCBC Honorary Secretary
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