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Henry Charrington hc349 at cam.ac.uk
Fri Jun 8 14:22:50 BST 2012

Dear all,

I've been told by two or three of you that my first email on Thursday 
did not get through to the Captains' email list, and that this morning 
was therefore your first notice of the 10-outing form.

As a result of this, I think it's reasonable to extend the deadline for 
return to Thursday. However, as the 10-outing rule is well established, 
as are the various deadlines for scratching/refund proportions, I don't 
propose to make any changes there. Therefore, in order to secure a 100% 
refund on entry fees, any scratches should be notified by 5pm tomorrow 
as normal.


Mark Jacobs
CUCBC Safety Advisor

On 05/06/2012 12:01, Mark Jacobs wrote:
> Dear all,
> It's Tuesday morning, and I've not yet had a single 10-outing form 
> returned to me. Please remember that the deadline is tomorrow, and 
> that any club failing to return forms will not be permitted to race.
> Regards,
> Mark Jacobs
> CUCBC Safety Advisor
> On 31/05/2012 23:36, Mark Jacobs wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> Please find attached a copy of the "Ten Outing Form", to be returned 
>> to me by Wednesday 6th June. This form applies to all crews from your 
>> club entered into the Lent Bumps - I don't want to receive 7 copies 
>> from anyone! The form may be completed either by the club's Captain 
>> or Water Safety Officer.
>> The 10 outing rule is designed to prevent incompetent crews taking 
>> part in the racing and creating a danger to both themselves and to 
>> other crews. "10 outings" refers to the whole crew and the cox, and 
>> the outings must have been this term. While it is inevitable that 
>> crews occasionally change (e.g. due to a sub coming in during 
>> someone's illness or exam schedule), everybody in the crew must have 
>> had at least 8 outings, and the aggregate number of outings over the 
>> whole crew should be at least 90 (10 for each rower and cox).
>> Rowing done on any occasion before this term does not count, nor does 
>> rowing in another crew. Do not forget the cox.
>> Please bear in mind our policy on refunds for scratches:
>> - If you scratch by 5pm Wednesday (48 hours before), you get a 100% 
>> refund.
>> - If you scratch by 5pm Thursday (24 hours before) or race the GoR 
>> and do not get on, you get a 50% refund.
>> - If you scratch after 5pm Thursday or just don't turn up, you do not 
>> get a refund.
>> For us to process this easily, to scratch please send an email to Dan 
>> (cucbc at cucbc.org <mailto:cucbc at cucbc.org>) and to Tom 
>> (juniortreasurer at cucbc.org <http://cucbc.org/>).
>> If you simply withdraw your crew on the website, there is a chance we 
>> may not notice and you may not get the appropriate refund.
>> Thanks,
>> Mark Jacobs
>> CUCBC Safety Advisor 

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