[CUCBC Captains] Cam FM Coverage of Lent Bumps

Emily Thurston em.thurston at camfm.co.uk
Mon Feb 20 18:06:43 GMT 2012

*Captains: please ensure this message is passed on to coxes in your

This Sunday (26th February), there will be meetings for all coxes
competing in the forthcoming Lent Bumps.

Attendance is mandatory as important safety issues concerning the Bumps
will be discussed. Competing coxes who are unable to attend should send
a suitable representative. An attendance register will be taken will be
fined for coxes who do not attend.

There will be 2 meetings:

18:00 - Senior coxes - those who have coxed Bumps races before
18:30 - Novice coxes - all those who have never coxed Bumps races

The meetings will take place in the LT4, next to reception in the
Engineering Department.

Dan Wilkins
CUCBC Honorary Secretary

E-mail: dan at cucbc.org
Mobile: 07817 657717

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