[CUCBC Captains] Rules of the River AGAIN

Mark Jacobs mark at cucbc.org
Thu Nov 17 18:51:28 GMT 2011

Dear all,

Further to last week's email, please make sure that everyone in your 
club is aware of the following:

At crossover points, you are obliged to give way to crews coming 
upstream. This is not optional. There have been too many crews lately 
barging their way through, leading to blade clashes and hold-ups on the 

Lights are on your boat for a reason. If, as on Tuesday morning, you are 
boating in fog, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are visible 
to other river users. If the batteries in your lights are so weak that 
the light is pathetically dim, you are essentially unlit. This means 
that there is very little to stop another crew from rowing at pressure 
into your stern! Of course, in such conditions you may decide that 
boating with or without lights is unsafe, or that the outing should be 
cut short if conditions worsen.

'Half crew, half slide' is an incredibly simple concept. Why does it 
prove so elusive, and why did I see this morning an VIII rowing with 
arms and bodies around Chesterton corner? It causes queues, and also 
leads to people trying to overtake when they are less than certain that 
the river is clear. Please remember to have at least half of your crew 
rowing half slide or more (I don't care which half) until you are below 

I hope that no further reminders about courteous and safe use of the 
river are necessary this term...


Mark Jacobs
CUCBC Safety Officer

On 11/11/2011 13:49, Holly Hedgeland wrote:
> Dear all,
> After a brief respite when the clocks went back, the incidence of 
> selfish, inconsiderate and dangerous behaviour is once again on the 
> rise. I shouldn't have to be telling you:
> - don't queue jump;
> - don't obstruct by rowing with less than half-crew at half-slide 
> above Chesterton;
> - don't boat a mixed novice/senior crew that is noticeably slow at 
> senior boating time. If there are enough novices in the crew that it's 
> easily apparent from the bank, then it should go out with the novices 
> at 7.30am.
> Rules of the river are at http://www.cucbc.org/handbook
> Be considerate on the river and don't act like you own it. You don't.
> Thanks,
> Holly
> -- 
> Dr Holly Hedgeland
> Cambridge University Combined Boat Clubs

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