[CUCBC Captains] May Bumps Coxes' Meetings

Dan Wilkins dan at cucbc.org
Wed Jun 8 23:52:18 BST 2011

Dear all,

As Ten Outings Forms are due by Wednesday, I thought it might be useful to 
also remind you of our policy on refunds for scratches from bumps:

- If you scratch by 5pm Weds (48 hours before GoR), you get a 100% refund;
- If you scratch by 5pm Thurs (24 hours before GoR) or race the GoR and do 
not get on, you get a 50% refund;
- If you scratch after 5pm Thurs or just don't turn up, you do not get a 

For us to process this easily, to scratch please send an email to me, copied 
to Dan, cucbc at cucbc.org

If you simply withdraw your crew on the website, there is a chance we may 
not notice and you may not get the appropriate refund.


Dr Holly Hedgeland
CUCBC Senior Treasurer
Robinson College
Cambridge, CB3 9AN 

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