[CUCBC Captains] Bumps: Friday Notes and Fines

Julian Granger-Bevan julian at cucbc.org
Sat Jun 12 00:43:58 BST 2010

Dear all,

Wednesday results are now available online at http://www.cucbc.org .

A few notes from the racing today;
- There will not be a standing start at the Plough unless told
otherwise. Rolling starts are only allowed once you have passed the
swan enclosure. This is to try to minimise disruption to the swans.
- The countdown for starts at the railway bridge should start from 10 max.
- Weather: Everyone needs to have enough kit "in case". Coxes
especially should have a waterproof layer and a warm layer.
- Litter: Please make sure everything is picked up.
- Please use the toilets provided for any last minute needs.
- Bank parties need to be max 4.

Regrettably, the following clubs/crews incurred fines:

Pembroke M6: Failure to hold it up. £25
Pembroke M5: Dropped bung, no advantage. £15
Jesus: No marshal (1st offence). £15
St. Edmunds: No marshal (1st offence). £15
Kings W2: Celebration before clearing. £20
Wolfson W1: Dropped bung, no advantage. £15
St. Edmunds: Serious failure to clear. £50
Darwin W1: Late conceding. £20
Queens M2: Foul and abusive language. £10
LMBC W2: Dropped bung, no advantage. £15
Churchill M1: Extremely late conceding. £30
LMBC M1: Excess bank party. £15
Caius M1: Excess bank party. £15
Magdalene: Missing marshal (1st offence). £15

All of the above fines can be appealed by emailing Dr. Holly Hedgeland
(CUCBC Senior Treasurer) within 48 hours of this email being sent.



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