[CUCBC Captains] Mays 2010 Getting-On Race Results

Dan Wilkins dan at cucbc.org
Fri Jun 4 20:37:52 BST 2010

Dear Captains,

Please bear in mind our policy on refunds for scratches:

- If you scratch by 5pm today (48 hours before), you get a 100% refund.
- If you scratch by 5pm tomorrow (24 hours before) or race the GoR and
do not get on, you get a 50% refund.
- If you scratch after 5pm tomorrow or just don't turn up, you do not
get a refund.

For us to process this easily, to scratch please send an email to
myself and Holly (seniortreasurer at cucbc.org).

If you simply withdraw your crew on the website, there is a chance we
may not notice and you may not get the appropriate refund.



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