[CUCBC Captains] FW: British Rowing _ College Boat Clubs

Convey, Peter pcon at bas.ac.uk
Sat Nov 28 12:04:06 GMT 2009

Dear Captains,
I have already emailed all LBCs individually, but in case this hasn't got 
through to anyone, I need to point out a typo that we made on the timetable we 
handed out on sunday evening:

Division 2 on Thursday is marshalling at 14:10 and racing at 14:50 and NOT 
marshalling at 15:00 as it said on the timetable: this affects everyone in the 
women's plate competition. 

The information on our website is now all correct.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused

Dan W
CNR Senior Umpire 2009

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