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Julian Granger-Bevan julian at cucbc.org
Sun May 31 12:09:36 BST 2009

Attached for information. Many students have also benefited from Hilary's commitment to the sport over many years, particularly from LMBC and CUWBC.

Best wishes
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Subject: FW: A request...

Dear all

I have been asked by Hilary to pass her email on to you and ask you to read the brief message below.

Hilary was a leading light in the organisation of both the CRA Regatta and Head of the Cam.
She is a member of the City of Cambridge Rowing Club and Vice President of the CRA.
She was a very competent rower and reached a high level in the sport.
The Tunnicliffe Trophy awarded to the Head Ladies Crew in the Town Bumps was presented by her father.

She had a major set back a while ago when she developed breast cancer but her determination, fitness and underlying sense of humour have seen her through.

Please do what you can to support her activities.

Bill Key
President, Cambridgeshire Rowing Association

Tel: 01223 234506

Bill Key
4 Parr Close
CB24 9YH

Tel: 01223 234506

From: hilarytunnicliffe at gmail.com
Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 23:07:25 +0100
Subject: A request...
To: billkey65 at hotmail.com

Dear Bill,

As previously discussed, I'd be really grateful if you could forward this to your CRA list...

Hope you're well

H x

Please forward this to all people in your club. Thank you.

This is a personal message to you all. Some of you may know me from being involved with the CRA for twenty plus years. And some of you will also know that I've had a 'gap year' from work having treatment for breast cancer, which so far seems to have worked. 1 in 3 of us will get cancer, and our rowing community has, like all communities, been affected by this disease over the last few years.

I found my treatment surprisingly easy to get through, and two of the reasons were; the level of fitness I had because of 20 years of competitive rowing, and an extremely high pain threshold -  both likely to be a result of my rowing career according to the doctors that looked after me so well. The related beer drinking also gave me sufficient tissue to make a pretty nifty reconstruction too!

In typical Tunnicliffe style, I have decided to make the best of a bad job and have been actively getting involved in cancer education and raising money for Cancer Research UK (see the links below)



I have also been talking to 300+ volunteers about my 'adventure' with a view to getting more people talking and doing something about the big C...

So... what I'm after is either support on June 14th at 11 am - the CRUK's Race for Life in Cambridge (Jesus Green) - informally or formally - if you feel you can officially volunteer for this or the event on July 19th (again at 11 am) then contact Lucy Hynes  She's after big strong people from 6.00 am on the days to help set up, marshal and for those of you CRB checked, some supervisory roles. Her e-mail address is below

lucy.hynes at cancer.org.uk

OR... I have a team entered for the event - an amazing 250+ people - comprising current students, parents, siblings, ex Parksiders, friends, neighbours - called the Park Feds. If you are in a position to spare a couple of quid, I'd be so grateful! Please follow the link below or send any donations into the Parkside school office -  Parkside Community College, Parkside, Cambridge CB1 1EH - all gratefully received..


There is also a 10K event coming up open to all - in Cambridge on Sunday 18th October. It’s the first time CRUK have organised a  10K run in Cambridge and it would be fabulous to have the rowing community as part of it (good training too!). Keep your eye out for it!

I know many of you have already been incredibly supportive and for that, a massive thank you. I really appreciate it.

With warmest wishes

Hilary X


Hilary Tunnicliffe
Advanced Skills Teacher, Science
Parkside Federation
Parkside Campus
Cambridge, CB1 1EH

Tel: (+44)1223 712600
Fax: (+44)1223 712601

7 Saxon Road

Tel: (+44) 1223 322099

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