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Paul Knights pmk26 at cam.ac.uk
Fri Jun 26 09:47:55 BST 2009


Could captains please send this round to their first boats + anyone else who
might be suitable? Thanks.

Girton M1 are having a training camp at Henley from Monday 22nd to the
Henley Regatta. Unfortunately, due to 1 of our crew members having a job we
need a bowsider for the first week of the camp.

Accommodation is going to be at crew member's houses, who conveniently live
close enough, so there's effectively no cost for the trip. We'll be being
coached by Colin Williamson, who rows for Leander 1 and was participating in
GB trials until he injured his foot. So we'll be having some very high
quality coaching so it should be a good week.

We're looking for someone who won't upset the boat. They don't have to be a
fantastic standard, a lot of you will have seen us on the river so will have
an idea of what we're looking for quality wise.

If you're interested drop me an email on mnt23 or give me a ring on


Matt Tovey
Girton Men's Captain
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