[CUCBC Captains] CUWBC Dev Squad and Information Meeting

Thomas Walton cuwbc at cucbc.org
Sat Jun 6 12:29:02 BST 2009

Slight amendment to those eligible to vote -

CUBC President

CUBC V President

CUWBC President

CULRC President

College mens captains - one vote for each crew in the first 3 divisions of
the May Bumps, with one vote for all other colleges without a crew in top 3
ALL CUBC Blues and Goldies, not just those in residence.

From: Martin Haycock, Executive Committee, CUBC

 *CUBC Constitution*

The CUBC Constitution has been redrafted, and a copy is attached ahead of
the CUBC Meeting on Sunday 7th June to which you will already have been
invited by the CUBC Hon Sec.

The CUBC Constitution has not been redrafted for some years, therefore this
exercise has been undertaken primarily in order to ensure that the CUBC
Constitution reflects the realities of running the club today.

Please note the following, which we hope provide an overview for the
redrafted wording attached:

*1. CUBC is a student club*

CUBC is a student club of the University and is student-led though the
President. The redrafted Constitution reflects this, but importantly also
acknowledges that CUBC is a complex organisation requiring considerable
support from both professional staff and from volunteers on its committees.

We believe this is the first time the CUBC Constitution has had a major
review since the CUCBC was created! The Honorary Secretary is the link
between the CUCBC, college rowing and the CUBC. That's why the Hon. Sec. is
voted into office by college captains.

*2. Membership more clearly defined*

The redrafted wording splits membership between Life Members (in essence Old
Blues and Goldies) and Ordinary Members (primarily members of the current
CUBC squad who do not yet have a Blue or Goldie Colour).

*3. ARA requirements satisfied*

The wording of the Constitution has been redrafted to reflect current
requirements of the ARA (soon to be rebranded as "British Rowing") with
regard to equality, child protection and water safety.

*4. Executive Committee structure *

The updated wording sets out the structure and workings of the Executive
Committee, the primary decision making body within the CUBC.

*5. AGM introduced*

The CUBC wishes to institute Annual General Meetings. The aim here is to
provide clearer accountability from the Executive Committee to the
membership of the club.

We trust you will support these revisions. If you have any questions ahead
of the Captains' meeting, please contact Martin Haycock (CUBC Executive
Committee member) at martin.haycock at ubs.com or 07979 366165, or Rev. Ian
Thompson (CUCBC Senior Treasurer) at seniortreasurer at cucbc.org.

Best regards

Martin Haycock

CUBC Honorary Secretary
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