[CUCBC Captains] Fwd: [CUCBC Honorary Secretary] spare boats for WEHoRR?

Thomas Walton cuwbc at cucbc.org
Wed Feb 18 18:51:07 GMT 2009

I have just been informed by an ex Pembroke College student, now a Rob Roy 
sculler, who has just been out for a sculling outing and was shot at by two 
travelers at Grassy Corner.
The Police were called by her and the Police Helicopter came out.
I do not have any more information on that at the moment.

Another incident last night was when the St Catherine's BC tub/training 
boat was pushed in the river and so was submerged just below the surface 
this morning.

There have been other incidents which have also been reported to the Police 
via E Cops where youths were seen to be throwing half a section of a Caius 
eight into the river opposite The Fort St George which was a few weeks ago.
Last week they tried to do the same again but two boatmen saw this and 
shouted to one of the youth Nye Juniper ,to Not do at which point they 
dropped it and ran off.

This same individual was a while back caught by a boatman trying to set 
fire to some rubbish bins at Trinity Hall BC.

He is short with dark hair and very lippy and always has three or four 
Hoodies with him..

Paul Knights (Boatman)
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