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Dear all

particularly in the light of the most recent incident, involving air gun use, please be aware of the attached message.

Our standing advice in the event of any incident involving the threat of or actual violence (ie ANY situation in which you feel under threat) is to call 999 immediately, and this is the advice of the police as well. For reporting incidents after the time (which it is still important that you do), then do so either at or by calling Parkside Police Station (and get an incident number, which ensures it is recorded) or through the ecops route. Further to these, the attached message provides a means of contacting directly an officer with greater responsibility for the area in which rowing is affected by these incidents.

Please do ensure that all incidents are reported as, without evidence of a problem, it is inevitable that police resources will be devoted elsewhere.


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Dear Dr Convey,

Thank you for your reply. I appreciate you forwarding this on to others who
you think may be able to assist us.  If you could also pass it on to the
relevant contacts in the colleges when they come back up for Lent term,
that would be great.  The more information we have to direct our efforts,
the better.

Unfortunately this kind of behaviour is difficult for us to deal with due
to the relatively hard to reach location.  Our ever-limited resources and
other priorites may mean you don't get as prompt or effective response as
you would like.  In order to make best use of the time that our team may be
able to allocate to this, could you give me some direction as to particular
times/days this occurs? i.e does it occur more in the school
holidays/summertime/evenings?  This would allow us to police it more
effectively when we do get the opportunity, rather than taking an ad hoc
approach which may mean we go there at the wrong times.

Again, thank you for your help in this.

Kind Regards,


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