[CUCBC Captains] Varsity Boat Race and Football 2009

James Rutt jmr81 at cam.ac.uk
Fri Feb 13 23:44:32 GMT 2009

Dear all

Although conditions today are clearly improving, there are still threats to the running of the Pembroke Regatta tomorrow. This may happen if the water level rises again with melting of last night's snow further upstream, or through the EA's use of the sluices at the different locks to control water levels further downstream, or if a current forecast of fog tomorrow morning comes to pass. At present I am hoping the regatta can go ahead as planned, but we will reassess conditions by the end of today, or, if there is any appreciable change overnight, first thing tomorrow.

If the decision is made for the event to proceed, then the purpose of this message is to explain how competing crews should proceed should we also use any flags to indicate river conditions. If yellow or red flags are used during a racing event, you need to be aware that they are used to control access to the river for non-racing crews. They do not indicate that the event itself or any part of it has been stopped. This is because events take place under more controlled conditions than on normal days, with more limited numbers of crews at any one time, of more similar standard and doing the same thing,under the control of marshalls. Decisions to stop the event or part of it will be made by Pembroke BC in consultation and agreement with CUCBC, and will be commincated directly to the competing clubs by Pembroke (so keep an eye on e-mail and their website!).

This means that non-racing crews will be subject to the same restrictions as normal tomorrow should the yellow flag be used, and no non-racing crews are allowed on the river should a red flag be used. Please also note that current conditions below Bait's Bite, and in particular near the sluice at the lock, continue to mean that it is unsafe for any rowing crews to use this stretch, and I would not assume that conditions will have improved enough to allow crews over the lock tomorrow.

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