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Fri Feb 13 12:46:19 GMT 2009

The Lent Bumps Getting On Race will be held on Friday 20th February 2008.
The Getting-On Race takes the form of a head (timed) race between Little
Bridge and the post downstream of the Railway Bridge (2km).

There will be 2 divisions as detailed below.

There are 34 crews racing for 10 places.
Will race at 14:00 and must marshal AT BAITSBITE

The following crews should be pulled in to the bank, facing upstream AT
BAITSBITE, IN ORDER with the first crew closest to the start, *BY 13:40*

1.	Anglia Ruskin II
2.	Corpus Christi II
3.	Darwin II
4.	Homerton II
5.	Hughes Hall II
6.	St Edmund's II
7.	Anglia Ruskin III
8.	Christ's III
9.	Churchill III
10.	Clare III
11.	Emmanuel III
12.	Fitzwilliam III
13.	Girton III
14.	Homerton III
15.	King's III
16.	Magdalene III
17.	Pembroke III
18.	Peterhouse III

The remaining crews should remain be on the MEADOW SIDE, pointing DOWNSTREAM
in order with the first crew closest to the lock, *BY 13:50*

19.	Robinson III
20.	Sidney Sussex III
21.	Wolfson III
22.	Caius IV
23.	Christ's IV
24.	Jesus IV
25.	Lady Margaret IV
26.	Magdalene IV
27.	Queens' IV
28.	Sidney Sussex IV
29.	Wolfson IV
30.	First and Third V
31.	First and Third IV
32.	Lady Margaret V
33.	Magdalene V
34.	Lady Margaret VI

When the first half of the division has started, the 2nd half will spin at
the Lock and row up to the start. While marshalling, crews should obey
marshals' instructions at all times! **Latecomers will not be allowed to

There are 27 crews racing for 9 places.

Will race at 15:00 and must marshal IN REVERSE ORDER, AT CHESTERTON by

1.	Hughes Hall/Lucy Cavendish
2.	Anglia Ruskin II
3.	Christ's II
4.	Churchill II
5.	Darwin II
6.	Downing II
7.	Fitzwilliam II
8.	Homerton II
9.	King's II
10.	Magdalene II
11.	Robinson II
12.	St Catharine's II
13.	Sidney Sussex II
14.	Trinity Hall II
15.	Anglia Ruskin III
16.	Caius III
17.	Christ's III
18.	Clare III
19.	Downing III
20.	Emmanuel III
21.	First and Third III
22.	Jesus III
23.	Lady Margaret III
24.	Magdalene III
25.	Queens' III
26.	Sidney Sussex III
27.	Emmanuel IV

Women's crews must be aware of men's crews rowing home while marshalling.


All of this information is also available at http://www.cucbc.org/lents/gor
where results will be published shortly after the event (times will only be
published for non-qualifying crews).

The River will be closed to non-competing crews below Chesterton from 13:40
until 16:00.

If you have any queries or problems, please get in touch ASAP.


Dan Wilkins
CUCBC Web Team 2007-9
dan at cucbc.org


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