[CUCBC Captains] Conditions for Robinson Head

Iain Lingwood robinson.men at cucbc.org
Fri Feb 6 10:41:57 GMT 2009

I attach a copy of the "ten outing form" to be returned to me, cc Ian
Thompson, by the 18th of February.  The undertaking is designed to prevent
incompetent crews taking part in the racing and creating a danger to all
other crews. The term "10 outings" refers to the whole crew and the cox, and
the outings must have been  in the  present term. It also refers to the
average of individual members experience, but a member cannot be accepted if
they have done less than eight. For example, if a member has only done 8
outings in this crew this term, then that could be compensated by someone
having done 12, but if he or she has only done 7, then his/her outings do
not count at all, and he/she should not be in the crew. Rowing done on any
occasion before this term does not count, nor does rowing in another crew.
Do not forget the cox.


T Davies





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